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International Translation Of Foreign Driver License By International Automobile Association

car  When You Really Need To Speak Their Language... Let the IDL Speak for You!
When traveling overseas, carry an International Driving Permit even if you're not planning to drive. Should you need to communicate with foreign authorities, this recognizable form of identification can help you get on your way more quickly.
Valid in over 150 countries, the permit contains your name, photo, signature and other information translated into few languages.

car   What is The International Driver's License?
The International Driver's License is a document translated the Original Driver's License and with which the Original Driver's License give you the right to drive a motor vehicle in more than 150 countries worldwide.
The International Driver's License does not substitute the Original Driver's License and must only be used as an additional document, when you travel abroad.
The information in a few languages, that helps you explain to the police officer the designation of The International Driving License and your rights to drive motor vehicles in the designated country, which is based on the verdict of the United Nations.

According to the "UNITED NATIONS CONFERENCE ON ROAD TRAFFIC. FINAL ACT", held in 1968, established the standards for The International Driver's License, which was accepted by the Contracting States on those Conventions.
The International Driver's License is mainly defined as:
  1. the main information on the Original Driver's License that is translated into English or French
  2. using letters instead of digits for the names of the Months
  3. photo and signature (or thumb fingerprint)
  4. translated into a few languages for the Categories of vehicles for which the Original Driver's License is valid
  5. notes about the restrictive conditions of use and disqualifications.

The unofficial International Driving Document that is issued by International Automobile Association consists of two parts, a booklet which includes all standards, approved by the last convention of the UN and a plastic card.
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attention Remember, The Document must be showed to the police officer in any country with your Original Driver's License, because The unofficial International Driver's Document is issued based on your Original Driver's License and you do not have to take any test to receive it.
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