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International Translation Of Foreign Driver License By International Automobile Association

Before buying the IDL card from any company you have to know:
1. IDL is NON-Government document.
2. IDL can't substitute a state-issued driver's license and a photo ID card.
3. IDL can't verify your identity.
4. IDL doesn't give the permission to drive legally in the USA and any other country without state-issued driver's license, a state-issued identification card, valid immigration documents, or a passport. ( Note: IDL is not recognized in all U.S. States )
5. IDL can't be used in the country where you received your state-issued driver's license.
6. If you are USA resident, an IDL is of no use within the USA
7. All rental car companies have their own corporation rules. If you plan to rent a car in some country, you have to call the rental company and observe the company's rules and regulations before you buy the IDL.

1. If you want us to send few orders to one mailing address you need to submit all of them first and make one payment
2. Please DO NOT send printout of this application by mail. You may mail only your photo, signature, a copy of your driver license and a payment.
3. We accept only VISA, MASTERCARD credit cards. You can process your payment via PayPal. Otherwise make a payment via MoneyGram, Western Union or a USA Postal Money Order.

If you want to place your order ONLINE

You have to complete the following 4 steps:
step 1. Scan your photo, signature and driver license
step 2. Fill out an application form online
step 3. Attach images of your photo, signature and a copy of your driver license
step 4. After confirmation make a payment.

If you want to send your order by EMAIL (additional $5 for each order)

You have to complete the following 3 steps:
step 1. Type all information in your Email. Example see below.

Full name :
Full address:
Date of Birth: in this format (Jan. 19, 1956)
Country of birth :
Driver Category: A, B, C, D, E
Height: in FT-IN or in CM
License for: 1,3, 5, 10 years
Phone number: 111-222-3333
E-mail: 123@your email.com
Ship to: Name who will receive mail
Shipping Method: Priority USPS or Express USPS or DHL)
Shipping address:

step 2. Attach your photo,Signature and a copy of your Original DL.
step 3. Send to iaa@email.com

If you want to RENEW your IDL

You have attach your expired IDL issued by our comany
If you want to keep the same IDL numbers write down the old document number in "COMMENTS" on the application form

What you need to attach to your application.

STEP 1 - Applicant Information. Please enter your personal information to start the application process

STEP 2 - Shipping Information.

STEP 3 - Upload Images. Please upload the following 3 images:

  1. Colored personal photo, with blank background.
  2. Image of your current valid driver license (it must clearly show the expiration date).
  3. Signature (it must have a blank background).

STEP 4- Make your selection and continue with Payment

Examples of images to upload:

We highly recommend JPG images with a size of no more than 400 Kbyte to avoid uploading problems. Please be patient in the uploading process and ask for graphic / computer assistance of an experienced pc user if you are not familiar with this process.

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